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Garden Maintenance Services Liverpool & North West

At Acme Garden Services, we understand that
maintaining a beautiful garden requires time, effort, and expertise. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of garden maintenance services to keep your outdoor space looking its best all year round. Whether you need regular lawn mowing, hedge cutting, tree pruning, or a complete garden clearance, we've got you covered.

Our Services:

1. Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care: A lush, green lawn is the cornerstone of any beautiful garden. Our professional lawn mowing service ensures your grass is kept at the perfect length for a healthy and vibrant appearance. We also provide lawn care treatments, including fertilization, aeration, and weed control, to keep your lawn looking its best.

2. Hedge Cutting: Well-maintained hedges not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden but also provide privacy and security. Our expert team specializes in precision hedge cutting to shape and maintain your hedges, ensuring they remain neat and tidy throughout the year.

3. Tree Pruning: Proper tree pruning is essential for promoting healthy growth and maintaining the structural integrity of your trees. Our arborists are trained in the art of tree pruning and can safely and effectively trim your trees to improve their appearance and longevity.

4. Weeding: Weeds can quickly take over your garden if left unchecked, competing with your plants for nutrients and water. Our weeding service targets weeds at their roots, preventing them from regrowing and keeping your garden beds and borders looking pristine.

5. Strimming: Strimming is an effective way to tackle overgrown grass and weeds in hard-to-reach areas such as around fences, pathways, and garden edges. Our strimming service ensures all areas of your garden are neatly trimmed for a polished finish.

6. Garden Clearances: Whether you're dealing with a neglected garden or simply need to clear out unwanted vegetation, our garden clearance service is here to help. We'll remove debris, overgrown plants, and any other unwanted elements to restore your garden to its former glory.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: Our team consists of skilled and experienced gardeners who are passionate about what they do.

  • Reliability: We pride ourselves on our professionalism and reliability, always showing up on time and delivering top-quality results.

  • Attention to Detail: We pay close attention to every detail, ensuring that no corner of your garden is overlooked.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with you to understand your needs and exceed your expectations.

Ready to take the hassle out of garden maintenance? Contact us today to schedule a service and let us help you achieve the garden of your dreams!

Case Study
Sessile Close, Mossley Hill

Residents at Sessile Close, Liverpool approached Acme Garden Services to give some attention to the back garden that had been left unattended to for a long period of time leaving it in a sorry state. Acme Garden Services were delighted to work on this project where the garden was overhauled involving strimming, pruning, clearing, weeding, mowing and more. The customer was delighted to see the final result and the garden restored to its former glory.

Jon is extremely hard working and kind hearted. He was easily to get hold of by WhatsApp or email. His great passion and dedication in gardening was reflected in his work, and he also has excellent knowledge in all our plants. Our garden has been left unattended for 2 years. I was feeling rather helpless, until I found him. He was kind enough to take up the job and turned my garden into a nice looking lively place. I couldn’t have asked for more. You won’t regret if you ask him to help. Highly recommended!

Mr Lo Wing Kee




Having been recommended to me by a friend, Jon proved to be more than worthy of his excellent reviews. Lets just say he literally brought my garden back to life with his creativity, honest hard work, proper knowledge of plants and their growing conditions. He replaced and replenished the old soil, put in new plants according to his suggested scheme and true to his standards, he handed over a much more healthier and beautiful looking garden. He is a rare person with great qualities you may come across if you're lucky! Thanks Jon! Much appreciated!

—  VK

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